Crumbling Under Debt

2006-04-14 00:12 - Links

"Americans are relying on borrowed money to maintain our standard of living. A major crash is coming unless we take action now." I'll be really really upset if the savings I'm working hard to build aren't worth anything by the time I'm ready to use them.


Buy Gold.
2006-04-17 11:40 - kathaclysm
Seriously, gold and silver won't ever go down the tubes. If you're lookin for somethin to put your savings into, it's a good buy. Gold is up almost $60 since the beginning of the year.
Hm.. Gold eh?
2006-04-17 14:21 - arantius

Yeah, I suppose even if there's no American dollars left to be buying gold, it will always be in demand from whoever ends up on top!

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