Muslims refuse anti-MRSA gel

2006-12-31 16:27 - Links

Dispensers containing anti-bacterial gel have been placed outside wards at hospitals all over Britain in a bid to get rid of superbugs like MRSA and PVL.

It prevents people bringing in more infections. But some Muslims refuse to use the hand cleansers on religious grounds because they contain alcohol.

Some people that I have frequent discourse with disagree with certain opinions of mine. One of them is the overall destructive nature of religion. Case in point.

In short, religion sets up the human mind to be completely accustomed to unreasonable decisions. The religious mind will accept as reasonable the totally foolish. Just like this. "Some book says alcohol is bad, therefore I choose to bring germs into a hospital, and contribute to the deaths of hundreds of people each year." That's a short paraphrase of the linked article.

Anyone whose head has been corrupted by the nonsensicalness of dogmatic religion is perfectly ready to be so thoughtless. They have been trained from a young age not to think, not to reason, to simply accept certain ideas as fact, and to live their life by them.

Now, of course, most every religion has a lot of good ideas in this category. The ten commandments are mostly good. The eightfold path is by in large a great philosophy. But none of these or other similar ideas are strengthened by being attached to brainwashing cults, filling their follower's heads with inane ideas of Nirvana, of heaven and hell, of reincarnation, or the rest.


2007-01-06 00:40 - nicole

Its funny how articles like this promote fear mongering and hate among religions and even between agnostic people and religious people. The reason bugs like MRSA exist is because of antibacteral gels and misuse of antibiotics. The best defense against MRSA is good hand washing techniques.

"Handwashing is the single most important factor in preventing the spread of MRSA. Hands of caregivers much be washed after any skin-to-skin contact with a patient. Handwashing should be done after any and all work related tasks. Handwashing should also be done between care of different anatomical sites on the same patients, before eating and drinking, and before leaving work."

Furthermore many patients who have MRSA are just realeased from hospital without complete decolonization. Especially in Canada because MRSA is R-for-resistant to much of the treatments out there and people are discharged from isolation right into the community. Also the quote about "hundreds" of people dying each year from MRSA is a misnomer they are figuring it is only showing up on death certificates now more so than before because of increased testing, you can't find something you're not looking for.

I am not a religious person, I agree that there are many things about religion that are rediculous, but with that said so is unfounded hate and total disregard for someones personal beliefs. If this hospital wants to reduce the spread of infection they should have hand washing stations with soap and water. I am a health care professional and I do not use antibacterial gel because I have sensitive skin. It seems like both parties are guilty of an inability to think outside the box!!!

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