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2008-09-25 14:17 - Links

PuTTYcyg is a patched version of PuTTY that, in addition to telnet, rlogin, ssh, and serial connections, can also be used as a local Cygwin terminal instead of the Windows console or xterm.

I found this via an article titled Turbocharge PuTTY with 12 Powerful Add-Ons. I didn't expect to find anything I cared about. And I didn't really care about 11 of them. But this one! I've wanted this for quite a long time.

I've used xterm as a better interface than the crappy default DOS box for quite some time, but it's sub optimal in a variety of ways. I use PuTTY all the time, and its interface is wonderful. Getting a cygwin shell in a PuTTY terminal is heaven!


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