Censorship By Glut

2008-12-02 12:57 - Links

In a country where you're free to say almost anything in the political arena, I think the only real censorship of good ideas is what you could call "censorship by glut". If you had a brilliant, absolutely airtight argument ... how much of a chance do you think [it] would have against the glut of Web rants and other pieces of writing out there?

A why-didn't-I-think-of-it idea, if there ever was one. In a super connected, internet driven world, where everyone can communicate effectively, and everyone from Netflix to Amazon to iTunes is dying to let us all know what everyone else things, groupthink is inevitable. It's too much work to sift through all the possibilities, no matter how good some of the overlooked ones may be. We gravitate naturally towards what other people have liked, or decided for. Is there any practical way to solve this?


Signal to noise
2009-12-10 01:36 - ecmanaut

I think that is what Hacker News is trying to address.

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